Sunday, July 10, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial

The recent trial in Florida makes me wonder a few things.

#1 Why have so many people obsessed about it? I did not pay any attention to this trial. Why? Because the people involved have nothing to do with me or anyone that I know, and the entire situation is outside of my ability to influence or control it in any way. Why do people make such a huge emotional investment in stuff that has nothing to do with them? Instead of watching all of the TV coverage of a trial like this, turn off the boob tube, hug your kids, and tell them that you love them. Call your parents and let them know that you appreciate all that they did to raise you.

#2 Why is it that many of the people who are up in arms about the fact that a mother would kill her kid are the same people who do not see a problem with abortion. Just because a baby that hasn't been born yet doesn't have cute dimples or pigtails doesn't mean that it's any less a human being. I'm not saying that people are overreacting. I'm saying that they should be more upset. Thousands of kids are killed by their mothers every year, and people aren't as upset about it as they should be. Life is life.

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