Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lipstick Feminism and the Fly Lady

I used to want to be Donna Reed...the clean house, baking yummy stuff, nutritious meals, and handsome husband. I've updated that. I want to be Laura Petrie instead. She did everything Donna Reed did except she got to wear capris instead of dresses all the time, and she had a wonderful handsome goofball of a husband.
Enter reality. Baking, cooking, and the wonderful handsome goofball of a husband....check. Even remotely clean and organized house...not a chance. Now, I've seen people in real life have clean and organized houses, so I know that it can be done outside the magic of television. However, it has always seemed like the harder the perfectionist me tried, the worse things got until it reached a totally out of control point.

Enter the fly lady. It's about two weeks into things, and the major milestone here is that it's the longest EVER that I have been able to maintain any sort of cleaning/organizing routine. The coolest part is that the clean areas are growing just like the cluttered mess used to grow. Don't get me wrong. The house is still a mess, and there's no way that I'll be hosting a party any time soon. The point is that it is slowly getting better and staying that way. (Sure, boxing some stuff up for storage has helped too even though they're still sitting in the living room. However, clutter is not going in the boxes. We know that we are going to be moving in the near future, and getting a jump on packing should ease that stress when the time comes.) Pretty soon the only thing that's going to be keeping me from being Laura Petrie is having two twin beds in the master bedroom - and I think that I'll skip that part.

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