Monday, July 18, 2011

Today, I hate (some of) my coworkers.

Normally, the idiots that I work with don't bother me too much. I know that they're immature and too stupid to insult. Then, they step up their game. Here's the scoop.

So I got a phone call asking me to switch shifts on Sunday, so my coworker can go to her boyfriend's work party with him. Now, I have just finished making plans with family for next Sunday, so I say no. I would have had no objection to helping, but I have already made plans with my brother-in-law. No dice. That should be it...right? No. She gets this whiny-ass tone and asks if there's any way I can change or cancel my plans. Um, no. I already told you that. Now, I hear that a third party is upset because I won't change schedules - and someone had the audacity to call her to see about switching schedules to work when she has off.

Do I work in the freaking Twilight Zone here? One person is pissed that I won't cancel my plans, so she can go to a party. Another is pissed that I won't cancel my plans, so she got a call asking if she'd mind working on a day that she normally has off.

What is wrong with these people? This is only the third time overall and first at our store since I started working that I have not agreed to switching hours or covering an extra shift for people. I take calls and answer questions from home. I agree to cover for someone who couldn't make it on 15 minutes notice - and that includes getting changed and driving. Have I just been so accommodating for so long that everyone expects me to automatically drop everything? I've got news for you folks. I'm done with covering for your stupid asses. Piss off.

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