Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bite tongue until it bleeds

Witnessed today at store. Young guy, maybe 20ish wearing woodland BDUs that looked like they were brand new from Army Navy surplus and walking with a strut like he was the shit. (Not military bearing mind you. Poser thinking he's cool.) He had a scraggly goatee and mustache, his hair in a pony tail, and he was wearing sandals. Now, if he had been on his way to or from going to play paintball in the woods with friends or something, it would be understandable. We also have guys come in all the time in uniform because of drill and other such things. This wasn't that. This was about being an attention-whore. The reason that people give attention and respect to soldiers isn't because they wear a uniform. It's because that uniform represents a level of sacrifice, commitment, and discipline that most of us are unwilling to make. People who try to cash in on that without paying the price should be made to suffer for it. I'm in favor of bringing back the stock and pillory in instances such as this.

Just my two cents.

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