Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Star Wars Is Better Than Star Trek

It's amazing what you find while sorting through everything that you own....for everyone's enjoyment.

1. "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." sounds much cooler than "Space, the Final Frontier."

2. Ships in Star Wars always realistically look used and beat up; ships in Star Trek always look clean and shiny.

3. Aliens in Star Wars don't look like humans with bad masks. (Actually, they look more like muppets, but are yet more believable.)

4. Not one Star Trek film has ever made it into the top 50 movies of all time; the first 4 Star Wars films made it into the top 12.

5. Star Wars is epic mythology; Star Trek is episodic mediocrity.

6. Star Wars has actual starfighters

7. In Star Wars, ships cross the galaxy in a matter of weeks; in Star Trek, it takes 75 years.

8. "Kuat Drive Yards Impetus Class Imperial Star Destroyer" sounds much cooler than "Federation Galaxy Class Starship"

9. Those pesky warp cores keep on blowing up.

10. Imperials wear uniforms; Federation officers wear pajamas.

11. Ewoks are not as annoying as Tribbles.

12. Star Wars has less stupid, useless Treknobabble

13. George Lucas doesn't have to resort to Q to cure writer's block.

14. Star Wars doesn't have a new time-travel episode every two weeks

15. People actually line up to see Star Wars

16. Droids in Star Wars have way more functionality than Data

17. Chewie could kick Worf's ass

18. Star Wars "I sense a disturbance in the Force..."
      Star Trek "Captain, I sense hostility"

19. Star Wars "The mighty Jedi Knight pulled forth his trusty lightsaber and prepared to do battle with a dangerous foe."
      Star Trek "The officer in charge of security on deck 12, section epsilon-beta-tau took out his reliable and puissant phaser, aiming at his currently explicated antagonist."

20. It took Star Wars 3 movies and 6 years to accomplish more than 4 series and 9 movies in 30 years could ever hope to accomplish.

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